P-Dice Gets Kicked Out of Remy Boyz

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 6.15.53 AM

Since before Fetty Wap became the big star he is now, he has repped his hometown glory, Remy Boyz. Members, Monty and P-Dice, joined him on his single “679” which is still sitting on the Billboard 100. When the single dropped, the Remy Boyz were all part of the smash hit. That was until Fetty kicked P-Dice out of the group and out of the track when releasing his album which only featured Monty.

P-Dice discussed his problems with the crew on an interview with VladTV. He states that the “Trap Queen” rapper made him bow out due to indifference with Paterson rapper Tax G who he claims is the originator of Fetty’s style. Allegedly, his main problems were with P-Dice and he offered Fetty Wap to peace things out if he pushed Dice out of Remy Boyz.

After Fetty heard about the interview and claims made by P-Dice, he released a video where he clears the air on all of the issues. He explains that P-Dice was never on the “679” remix and included himself with no knowledge to Fetty, recorded while he was out of town in California. Fetty also points out that Dice only showed up after the fame started hitting the crew, repeatedly asking , “Where the fuck was Dice?”

Check out the 15-minute video below:

Featured Image: jukeboxdc.com

Content Image: therapfest.com


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