Drake Looks to Rejoin The Acting Game


Image: Degrassi.wikia.com

Before he was the 6 God, Drizzy ruled the mean Canadian streets in the show Degrassi: The Next Generation as Jimmy Brooks. A humble high school student who was shot and left handicap after being shot by a fellow classmate.

Now, Drizzy is back with the acting bug and waiting on the chance to scratch the itch. He first talked about his desire to return to film in 2013 when he stated in an MTV interview “[acting] is exactly where I’m going, TV shows, movies, I”m excited about that.”

Friday night TMZ spotted the young rapper out in the clubs and asked the OVO leader what type of acting he sees himself in – comedy or action. Answering in only the way the slick-mouthed rapper knows how to handle all his questions, he replies “I’m all across the board,” and goes on to clarify, “Have you ever played Monopoly and won? I’m all across the board, man.”


Image: JustJared.com


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