Watch a Gruesome Deleted Scene from Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” Video


Bad Gal RiRi shows us how serious she is about collecting that debt in this deleted NSFW scene from “Bitch Better Have My Money”.

The clip takes the already gore-filled video to another level. Rihanna, dressed in a see-through, nude-colored plastic ensemble, paces through a room where the floor and furniture are completely covered by plastic. She approaches a man tied to a chair with a knife toward his neck and then swish – cut to RiRi wiping the blood off the blade.

As if the clip wasn’t morbid enough, we then see Rihanna taking a picture with a friend (as another snags the flick) aside her next victim, and well, what happens to him will leave you cringing.

Check out the 2-minute deleted scene below, just make sure not to be in the middle of a meal for this one.

Featured Image: Haus of Rihanna


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