Mac Miller Premieres FADER Documentary: “Stopped Making Excuses”

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.54.14 PM


“I’m probably going to cry a few times through the course of this thing”, he admits, “I’m an emotional guy.”

Mac Miller is no stranger to the camera but his latest premiere produced and presented by The Fader, Stopped Making Excuses, introduces us to a deeper, darker side of the “Donald Trump” rapper.

Miller discuss his experience around his road to notoriety and the battle he faced with the simultaneous rise of money and drugs. “Do I look like I’m on drugs?” he asks during a look back on a self-made video,  “I’m not on drugs, drugs are on me.” As he looks back, the Philly rapper renounces,  “I hated being sober, I wanted a drug to do.”

Easy Mac talks about overcoming the monster inside of him and his new admiration for his sobriety. Feeling that he has finally come into his own, he is now ready to bring his hometown to new grounds, and he has Stopped Making Excuses.

Watch the 12-minute video below:




Featured Images: YouTube


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