NEW SONG: Lupe Fiasco “Bone (Babylon Remix)”

In this remix of SZA’s “Babylon” featuring Kendrick Lamar, the Chicago rapper speaks to women demanding one thing – self respect.

“You gonna break your back tryna be like these televised hoes that you see on TV / Tryna keep up with a amagazine cover, living unreal lives they they heard on CD’s / Fake ass, fake face, fake titties, that’s great shape / They don’t make sense, let’s make papes, that’s real food.”

Fiasco always brings the realness.

Drogas, dropping later this month, will allegedly be one of 3 releases from Lupe this year along with Skulls and Royi. 

Listen to “Bones” below, and for all you bottle girls listening, try not to get too in your feelings.


Image via: Hot New Hip Hop


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