Beyoncé Shares Stunning New Pictures and Words Honoring Her Pregnancy and Family: “I Have Three Hearts” [ALL IMAGES WITH FULL POEM]


After sending the Bey-hive into a total frenzy with her announcement of twins (not to mention having it become the most liked picture on Instagram ever), Beyoncé has posted beautiful new images paying tribute to those closest to her heart, or rather, her hearts.

See all of the released images from her shoot and private collection below with the full “I Have Three Hearts” poem.


mother is a cocoon where
cells spark, limbs form, mother
swells and stretches to protect her
child, mother has one foot in this world
and one foot in the next,
mother, black venus
I look at photographs of my mother
when she was pregnant with me,
does she feel how I feel now?
venus falls in love,
flowers grow wherever
love touches her, this
is how she is reborn.
girl turning into woman
woman turning into mother
mother turning into venus
i’m watching life inside me grow;
there’s life growing inside of me
and i’m beside myself with dreams.
was it your voice I heard? you speak to me
from inside me,
I have three hearts.






All images courtesy of: Beyoncé.Com


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